Senior Center in Passiac, NJ

This project took place at a senior day center in Passaic, NJ. Seniors came together over the course of several Saturday mornings to work on various art projects. This particular butterfly mural was designed and painted in loving memory of two of their comrades that passed away. The project was sponsored by the local police and fire departments. Many such projects have taken place thanks to the joining of several community service groups.

Library in Lake Hiawatha, NJ

This very special mural located in Lake Hiawatha, NJ was painted with Key Clubs local to the Parsippany Kiwanis Club, who were also the sponsors. The library's children's section had port holes that they didn't know what to do with so we painted a sunken ship. They placed aquariums behind the windows and now children can read quietly while watching real fish swim by. The space now provides a quiet, serene place for children to spend hours sitting and reading or just dreaming about their own adventures to come. The possibilities are endless with the support of local service organizations.

International Kiwanis

This was part of a project we took on, sponsored by the International Kiwanis. We painted 10 murals with 10 Kiwanis Clubs around New Jersey and partnered them with 10 Kiwanis Clubs around the world - Nigeria, the Philippines, New Zealand, Czech Republic, South Africa, Cayman Islands. We received the most beautiful response from one of the nurses at this Nigerian Hospital telling us what a positive reaction this child had to the colorful butterflies. More importantly, bonds were formed between two completely separate groups of people that will last forever.

Book Mobile in Cayman Island

This amazing project was sponsored by the Cayman Island Kiwanis Club, a connection that grew out of our partnership with Kiwanis International. Out of a concern for children’s literacy, a trailer was purchased to create a mobile reading program for the island's children and a request to Changing Images to come and paint a colorful mural on the outside of the trailer with help from the local school children made the idea a reality. It was a wonderful community building experience!

Imagine, Mountainside, NJ

In response to one of my colleagues' daughters being killed in a tragic accident, this bittersweet project took place. She and her mother were volunteers at Imagine, a grief counseling facility for children and young adults. This 34' mural of elephants walking nose to tail is in celebration of her life. Participants at the facility took part in the painting while her family, separately, painted tiny butterflies that were later adhered to the completed mural. This project was a perfect blend of people working together in harmony to create something meaningful as well as beautiful.

Carrier Clinic, Belle Mead, NJ

This mural set took place in the Carrier Clinic’s Garden cafeteria. Due to privacy issues for the clients we were unable to paint directly with the residents, although they had input into the overall design. We did however have many volunteer groups join in painting the 200+ butterflies that were adhered to the wall to form the main butterfly tree. The end result was 3 murals in all, containing representation of the 8 resident's lodges - butterflies, dragon flies, swans, lotus flowers, eagles, eagles, bears, and wolves.

Principles and Values

We believe it is important for residents, patients, caregivers, and staff to have a voice in their environmental surroundings.

We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words AND well placed murals are worth their weight in gold and a key part of the healing process. Murals are an invaluable tool as specific guide points, helping residents in finding their way around a facility. Ex. “My room is across from the iris garden” or “I can follow the flight of butterflies to the dining room.”

We believe that the supervised, interactive, art activities that we provide to people in traditional institutional facilities make a positive difference in an untold number of people’s lives – the ones who participate in the actual painting as well as the ones who come along later and view the artwork for years to come.

We believe, and studies have shown, that people who reside in institutional facilities that provide a more home like atmosphere, live longer.