Our Process


Facilities call us and ask “How does this work?” This question is the start to building a community. We first like to take a site visit to see the spaces that are being considered for murals. We chat about what people who will be affected by the murals would like to see. We then return to the studio and put together some design ideas.


Once the designs are approved by the facility, we:
1. Begin the drawings
2. Color code (in some cases)
3. Invite residents, their families, staff, and volunteers, to join in and lend a hand, to add their personal brush strokes. Everyone can paint – no experience needed!
We must warn you; once you start you won’t want to stop! It’s contagious!
*Corporate team building events and Community service groups may also take part.

4. All spaces are filled in.
5. The entire mural is professionally finished – spaces are re-outlined and once touched-up and varnished for durability, the mural will last for years.
*Murals come in many forms:
Wall painting / Banner cloth / Canvas Sets/ Ceiling Tiles / Window Shades

Project Idea:
The "Journey of Hanna Heart" Book project: The perfect blend of art and literacy! Ideal for building community within a facility or team building within a corporation.
The "Journey of Hanna Heart" is a beautifully illustrated book written with love for all children. It has become a very unique project that can transform pediatric units and clinics into GIANT walk–in books – a familiar and comforting sight for children who frequent these facilities. Under the direction of Changing Images artists, these colorful illustrations which have been converted into 3’x4’ murals are then painted with love by patients, medical staff, caregivers, family members, corporate employees…. After completion, all murals are professionally finished and varnished for durability. They are then installed down the length of the hallways – at child height, with corresponding text - allowing for children and adults alike to stroll along and read page after page.
There are 14 murals including the cover.

Join hands with us!
Do you know of a location that is in need of color and comfort or is your company looking to have a team building event? Join us, the possibilities, are endless.
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